Sunday, September 20, 2009

What a Weekend!

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the debate over GNC whey protein-- I am staying away from it for now. Not that I have found any evidence it doesn't work to help power runs but at this point I would rather not depend on any substance, natural or synthetic, to train.

I am ending what has been a spectacular weekend running-wise. I put in a quality 8 miles Friday at a apace of 8:50, then 10 miles Sat. at a whopping 7:56 avg pace! I was on fire Saturday. I think Glenn is right-- You have good days and bad days try and not be so focused on consistency-- in running, really there is no such thing.


Congrats to Melanie from Mel Tries to Run! She is kicking butt and taking names-- setting new goals each week. It's great to read and see her progress-- a woman who has worked so hard to take part in this crazy world we all love-- a crazy, inconsistent world-- called running!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Loving Fall and GNC

It has been a beautiful couple of weeks in my neck of the woods-- perfect for running.

I love the fall in NY. We haven't quite reached the time when the leaves change and begin to fall. Things are still lush and green but the temperatures have been averaging in the 70's and are near perfect for pounding the pavement.

I have had a good last week. I ran 10 miles Saturday at an average pace of 8:56 rounding the week off with 33 miles... Not goal, but I'll take it.

I am finding my strength during runs is not consistent at all-- I'll run one day and feel great-- the next two, not so much. In the past few issues of Runner's World I have noticed advertisements from GNC. They are promoting their " Pro Performance AMP" Whey protein-- They are targeting runners, claiming the product will help with endurance and maybe, in my case, help bring me back some consistency with energy levels.

Does anyone use this or other supplements to compliment training-- if so, which works for you and why? Thanks for the help!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Fellow Runners

I've taken a look back at past posts and-- Oh my-- how I've failed you and myself. That thing called life has once again interfered with my running and blogging... Not that I haven't been running at all-- I still put in a solid 27m last week but if you followed my past posts that is MUCH LESS than what I had planned so-- My fellow runners I pledge;
To be a better runner-- strive for the best
To keep my "Eyes on the Prize" ie, Disney Marathon
To not succumb to the evil taunts from friends who want to grab a drink after work
keeping me OFF the road
To eat better and not gain another pound (up 2 pounds since we last chatted)
To buy better shoes (my mizunos are WELL over their maximum miles)
To blog, blog, and blog-- it helps keep me motivated
To read your blogs-- which moticates me even more!

I feel better all ready!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Start with a BANG!

Kicked off the week well!

9 miles yesterday- average pace: 8:30!!!! I was a bit concerned about this run as I did not run AT ALL over the weekend-- no issues. I felt great and have gained control once again of my breathing. The weather also helps-- Buffalo slowly changing into fall mode and is quite pleasant.

On tap: 5miler today at 5k pace-- shooting to maintain around 7:00 min miles for the entire run.

Another goal-- Need to start eating better! I have had a friend in town all weekend and have been eating like a piggy-