Monday, December 28, 2009


Ok-- As I told you in my last post-- I had a bout with ITBS. I have taken the past week off. It feels better but I am soo afraid to push it.

I HAVE to pick up marathon training soon-- I have finished all of my long runs but at this point worried about losing my fitness level-- any idea how long it takes to lose, pace/speed/etc?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It really stands for:

I: Illio
T: Tibial
B: Band
S: Syndrome

It SHOULD stand for

I: I
T: Think it's
B: Bull
S: Shit

The pain started a couple of weeks ago and then really got bad during last Saturday's long run-- since then it's on and off.

For those who don't know, ITBS is a common knee injury amoung us runners-- and thankfully not terribly serious-- but the pain can be awful.

Last Saturday at mile 15 it really hurt-- Although tempted, I did not stop and thanks to the snow we had last weekend I had an instant ice pack after the 20 miles--I just knelt down into a pile and kept my knee "frozen" for 10 minutes. I have a physical therapist as a friend who told me I need to keep it iced, compressed, and get some (the word we all hate) rest! I took Sunday and Monday off- but picked it back up--- running 4 miles Tuesday, 4 today (weds). It's going well-- it REALLY hurts when I have to climb stairs though !

I should count my blessings. Another runner in our group had to stop at mile 15-- his foot soo bad he could not continue. I volunteered to run ahead, get my car, and pick him up.

Anyone else had a bout with ITBS? Advice? marathon is less than a month away-- I want to play it smart but also want to continue training.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I survived!

Pheeeeew! The party is over. Normally that statement brings me a bit of sadness but not this week!

My Ugly Sweater Fundraising Party is done. Complete. Finito! It was a great time and the best part??? I reached my fundraising goal for Roswell Park Cancer Institute-- and then some! Here's a look at my sweater?? What do you think?

I decided to go "homemade" because I just could not find an ugly enough sweater befitting the host!

Now I can focus no my training-- which, by the way-- in spite of a VERY stressful week of planning for that party-- is going VERY well.

I am logging 45 miles per week, will run my second 20 miler this week. I ran with my group last saturday (the morning before party) and we ran 17 in 2:37! The training coach for Roswell, who is a running machine, was quite happy. I was hoping to qualify for Boston but will settle with a 3:30+. This race is really about enjoying the experience!

Here are some more pictures of last Staurday's party!




and finally.......

After the party-- when I could finally get my drink on!!