Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Help a brother out

I've already told you I am upping the mileage.... but maybe not this week as planned.

The goal was 45-- it looks more like a measly 25-30. I have a friend visiting this weekend which will limit my ability to pound the pavement.

Next week --and I want you ALL to hold me to this-- is when my official training will begin for the Disney Marathon and I need your help. I am running this race for 3 BIG reasons and listed below in order of importance:

1. Raise money for cancer research
2. Have Fun!
3. Finish with a time I can be proud of.

SO-- I can handle raising the money-- and it's never hard for me to have fun especially if there is whiskey and beer involved post race-- BUT I would like to know what a respectable time would be. Ideally of course, I would LOVE to run a sub 3hr Marathon but I am not sure that is at all realistic.

My half marathon time ( the longest I have run thus far) is 1hr 46min-- so if it were you-- and you were me-- what would you shoot for realistically??

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Has it been a week already?

I have had a very busy busy week-- but still able to get in some quality mileage.

Total last week: 32 miles

Goal this week : 45

I will be checking everyon'e blogs today and tommorow.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I never learn my lesson

Didn't I tell you people to remind me NOT to run during the middle of the day anymore?

Despite telling myself and all of you I would not run between the hours of 1-4 during hot, humid days-- I did, again. Actually it went well. I maybe getting used to this extreme heat and humidity. I had about 2 hours to burn during work (thank God my work peeps are not following this) so I went to the gym, suited up, and took off.

Now that I have Buffalo friends following I will explain my route. I went from BAC downtown on Delaware allllll the way up to Hoyt Lake in Delaware park-- I went around once and then baaaaaack down to the BAC.

It was 8.5 miles.

I kept a slow pace averaging around 8:50min miles. I am taking it easy on the speedwork for now outside during the heat-- will hit the tread once or twice a week to maintain/increase speed.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baby it's HOT outside... and Disney buddies

Yup. Not only hot but downright nasty and humid.

I stupidly decided to go on a run during a late lunch at work (3pm) This is perhaps the hottest part of the day and I nearly died.

4.3 miles in 30 minutes-- very slow... Note to self, and to my blog buddies: schedule my next run early in the AM or later in the PM.


I am liking my decision to run Disney more and more. Not only does it promise to be a cool race and for a great cause-- but some blog buddies are also running-- Brian and B.o.B. both are running the half which means at least one better have a cold beer waiting at the finish line :) There is also a great network of others . People like my new pal Paul (thanks Brian) who are from Buffalo! There is even a Facebook page for those running.

This is pretty cool.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pimpin It! and a NEW PR

Like the title?

Ok- As I mentioned I picked Disney to be my first--- Marathon that is. A big reason I picked this race is it will allow me to help out a cause near and dear to my heart. I am running the 26.2 miles for Roswell Park Cancer Institute. For those who don't know this is a wonderful hospital and a leading institute for cancer research. It's based in Buffalo but world reknowned. I appreciate any help I can get- I promise not to harrass my blogger friends so this will be my one and only post regarding this topic. I will update you on my progress-- but not annoy you with endless requests for help.

If you want to donate-- here is my website:

I appreciate ANYTHING you can do-- I believe in this cause and want to raise as much money as I can.

In advance, thanks. thanks, and thanks some more.

OK-- now more on this running thing.

I ran the Celebrity 5k this past weekend shattering another one of my records.
It was the Buffalo Broadcasters Association's 5k and since I am a Buffalo Brodacaster I thought I better run-- glad I did.

It was my best time yet: 21:32!!!!!

My new polar watch was a HUGE help! It was a small race. I placed 17th out of 208-- but still 4th in my age group-- Damn--- I have yet to win an award-- but I am getting closer!

Monday, August 3, 2009

I Have Made the Decision!

And the choice for my marathon is.................

I'm going to Disney World!!!

I just finished filling out the paperwork for Roswell Park Cancer Institute to enter their Team Cure Challenge. I will be working with a fundraising expert there to raise $3,600. When I do, my airfare, entry fees, hotel will be paid for. I chose this marathon for several reasons.

1.) It's in the winter (jan) and it will keep me going through the "bad weather" months here in NY

2.) I have good friends touched by Roswell Park Cancer Institute and I'm honored to help them raise some funds

3.) It's Disney! Need I say more?

BTW- injury update: I am not 100 percent but much better-- The running is getting a bit easier but I need to increase mileage. The breathing is improving and I feel almost back to normal