Friday, May 29, 2009

Kick Butt Sara Jones!

Just a quick post today to wish Sara Jones from Rookie on the Run good luck. She will be taking part in the San Diego Rock n Roll marathon-- something she has worked very hard for!!!!

Go and get 'em Sara! Also-- Good luck to everyone else who has races his weekend.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Foot OFF the brake please

I went on my first run yesterday since the half. It wasn't great.

I had set out to run 4 miles but only made it 2.5. After the first mile, my legs began to feel very weak. I took today off and plan to hit the road tomorrow-- hopefully with success.

Input needed: How long until I get back to normal?

I also need another goal-- Yes, I know I want to run a marathon-- but which one? I want my first full marathon to be somewhere special-- So far, here are the races I am considering:

Pros: C'mon, it's Disney!

Cons: Far from home. Won't have a lot of family support there.

Rochester Marathon

Pros: Great course, along Erie Canal. Close to home. I have several friends running.

Cons: Close to home :) therefore not very exotic

International Marathon

Pros: Awesome race and it calls itself the only International Marathon in the world. It starts in Buffalo USA and ends in Canada-- The finish line is literally right at Niagara Falls!

Cons: My partner cannot attend due to a scheduling conflict.

Anyone else have any suggestions? The earliest I feel I could be ready is mid to late August.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The FULL details

Here it is! The OFFICIAL result from Chiptime:

300 2855 Patrick S Taney, GUNTIME: 1:47:36 HM30-34 24/102 225 8:13 CHIPTIME 1:46:57 Buffalo NY

I thought I finished with a chiptime of 1:46:59-- but I was off by 2 seconds.

The story:

The night before the race was a little crazy. I had a house full. My parents were in town for the weekend to watch the race, also my friend Jenny from Rochester, who was running, and her husband spent Saturday night. I had a pre-race BBQ in which I cooked up hotdogs and hamburgers for the guests and whole wheat pasta for Jenny and I.

I stayed up waay too late talking and watching TV. We went to bed around 11:30pm.

The alarm went off at 4:57 AM!

I was a little pissed at myself because I promised to get at least 8 hours sleep. It didn't matter. I was pumped the minute the alarm clock rang. I had some pre-race jitters but more of it had to do with getting everyone to the start on time. We did.

There were not enough bathrooms downtown at the start line-- so I had to wait for what seemed like an eternity to go. I nearly missed the start-- in fact was running to get in line during the National Anthem.

Then- BANG! I was off. I felt great. The 7 or so friends and co-workers running the race with me all decided we would go it alone and at our own pace. It wasn't until 2 miles in that I saw any of them. I ran into my friend Jenny but moved ahead of her within a few minutes. I was breaking a cardinal rule-- one Glenn and Brian advised me-- in detail-- not to break. I was pushing hard right out of the gate.

I truly thought I was going about 9:00 /mile-- and believed I was consciously taking it easy the first several miles-- I wasn't.
I had several spectator friends along the way-- at different mile markers--- who said I was "blowing" through. All of my friends were WAAAAAAY behind me and I had no idea. I was going hard, fast, all the while thinking I was very slow-- I am still puzzled by that.

The course had changed at the last minute due to construction issues in the city. This was not good news. The new course, shared by both the Half AND Full Marathoners, had a lot more hills in it than the previous one. I think there were a totally of 7 hills. The old course had just 2! Most of the hills were highway overpasses-- and came in later in the race. Bad, bad news for me.

MILE 11: Can you say BRICK WALL! WOW. This is when I had realized I pushed TOOOO hard and ran TOOO fast. I was miserable. I wanted to walk sooo bad and despite HUGE crowd support from this point on had little spirit to continue. Somehow I pushed ahead with literally EVERYTHING I had left, which wasn't much.

This is me at mile 11.5:

I look deformed!

The last leg leading up to the finish line was FULL of people cheering. I had been told by everyone this is the best part-- a feeling like no other. For me, it wasn't quite that euphoric. I was in pain, frustrated, tired, and not feeling the "finish line" high I had heard so much about. I pushed too hard-- and this was my penalty. Yes I finished. Yes the time was decent. But I spoiled what should have been a superb moment and made it somewhat mediocre.

After I had received my metal, drank gallons of gatorade, and saw my partner, parents, and friends-- I felt great. I felt accomplished. I even had bragging rights-- beating everyone of my friends:)

So, the moral of this story: One you have no doubt hear time and time again DON'T push it in the beginning. When you think you have slowed your pace--slow it even more. Just have fun. Your first half should be about enjoying the experience especially the finish!

All in all-- I am glad I did this. I'm a better person inside and out and now ready for the next challenge.... The Full Marathon!

P.S. More pictures and video to come! These two are all I have at this point.

Also-- Thanks to everyone for your support before and after race!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I did it!!!!!

Real quick blog today more to come-- It's done--- and I even impressed myself.

13.1 miles in 1:46:59!!!!!!

We'll fill you in on all the details tommorow.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tommorow.... Lift off

Feeling good-- Feeling ready-- and Feeling, pretty darn excited.

Tommorow is the race. I just wanted to let everyone know I soooo much appreciate your thoughts and comments-- Glenn, Brian, Sara, Melanie, Queenie, Tanya-- all of you--and those I forgot to mention-- Thanks! I will think of everyone when I cross the line tommorow.

P.S. The full report may not come until Monday as I plan on being good and drunk after the race Sunday -- Lots of post race parties to go to!!!

I hope everyone who is racing this weekend-- including MARLENE-- does well, stays healthy, and has fun!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

3 Days to 13.1

Funny story. I am tapering down my runs as I get closer to the big day but yesterday's was especially short!

My routine is as follows:

Get home, walk the dog, wash off the TV makeup, get into running gear, go outside to car (where I leave my MP3)-- lock car, put key fab in pocket-- take off.

I thought I did all of the above-- until about a half mile into the run when I realized I did not have my key! I panicked then BOOKED it back home, and low and behold-- there was my key fab sitting ONTOP of the car FREE for the taking.

I park out on the street-- in a city-- so I am lucky it was still there.

It was enough of a "run" for me-- Sprinting back the half mile-- wiped me out. I swear I was doing a 4 minute mile pace :)

I will go home tonight and attempt to run an easy 4 miles-- hopefully this one will be much less stressful.

By the way-- this week in Buffalo has been fan-super-tastic... sunny and 70's everyday-- the forecast for the race Sunday: a high of 71 and sunny. It should be around the mid 50's by takeoff at 7am.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Miracle Drug? Maybe.

Sara Jones from (rookie on the run)inspired this post. She had been complaining of knee pain on her blog-- and I recommended she take a supplement that I have found to be very successful.

I've had pains since I began running months ago. Not severe pain- but my joints, legs, and knees have all given me some discomfort.

I was discussing my recent knee pain with a co-worker who recommended Glucosamine 750-Chondroitin 600 supplements, sold at GNC.

I took her advice. I'll tell you-- there was not immediate relief but after several days I am happy to report nearly all of my pain is gone. This stuff is great! There are studies out there to back up the success.. In fact, Runner's World has done numerous articles on the supplements. Many people with arthritis take these daily to strengthen joints-- particularly in the knees. I, do not have arthritis-- and hope by taking these, I won't end up with the condition.

Like anything, I am sure, results vary. Many times it depends on how your body reacts to this.

Also-- any tips on preparing for my big half next Sunday-- much appreciated.

Have a great day!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Exactly 1 Week Away!!

1 week from today I will have hopefully accomplished my goal of completing a half marathon.

I am excited. I am ready.

In other news: I ran 5 miles today! It's also Sunday, which is my favorite day of the week-- why?????

If you've followed my blog for, I don't know-- at least a week you should know.....

It's not just because I'm off work.........

It's not because the sun is out..............

It's not because I am NOT hungover, which is strange for a Sunday morning......

It's because..................................................................................................................................................................................

It's my CHEAT day.

On the menu:

PIZZA, BEER, chocolate chip cookies!

Have a great day everyone!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

I took your advice--- all of your advice--- and for the most part it helped-- a lot!

As mentioned in my last post-- I have major concerns about my upcoming Half Marathon due to the fact that it's in the AM. I feel I am a MUCH better PM runner.

I asked how to become a little more energized in the morning, you responded.

First, thanks.

Second-- it worked!

Taking the advice of both Marlene (Mission to a(nother) Marathon) and "The Runner Dude" I got up EARLIER than normal-- at 5AM today. Glenn From "the Running Fat Guy" told me to eat something an hour before take off-- I did, a bowl of cereal. Sara, from "Rookie on the Run" told me to drink coffee which I consumed. I also-- took two of these:

Ultra Man Vitamin B- I usually take these later in the day-- but decided to pop the pills with breakfast-- it gives me energy! I let the food, coffee settle for an hour-- hit the john, and found this scene-- outside my door:

BEAUTIFUL morning. Brian from (A Runner's Blog) told me to do warm ups-- I did, jogged/walked around the block- with interval bursts!

Then it was take off, my goal: 10 miles today.

Remember, last time I tried this in the AM I made it 6 miles and felt terrible. I knew immediately from the start this time was different. I wasn't at my PM pace-- but not at my old AM pace either. I was feeling good. I brought along my GU gel pack-downed that at mile 7 and continued on-- it gave me the final burst I needed to finish.

This time-- it was just 10 miles--No added extra mile like my last LD. I finished in 1hr 24 mins-- about the same has my 11 miler. Yes, I was slower than my LD at night but I finished and felt okay-- a DRASTIC difference from my last few AM runs.

It wasn't perfect-- but better.

I am now LESS stressed about next week. I also have to remember what TANYA (Vegas baby in 26.2) told me-- She said I will have so much adrenaline the morning of the Half-- it'll make up for any AM cobwebs.

Thanks again guys!!! Very nice of you to take the time to help!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Need Your Help, Please!

I am still "high" after my 11 miler and the time in which I finished (1hr 28 minutes). Brian, from A Runner's Blog, asked how I did it. My answer: I have no idea.

I wasn't trying to go fast at all. I thought I was taking it VERY slow. I do not have a fancy Garmin watch-- or for that matter, any watch at all. I simply set out to run 10 miles and had NO concern with time whatsoever. I felt great and added an extra mile. I was as shocked as anyone when I saw the time at the end of it all. I really thought I took more than 2hours!

I can tell you -- my last few 5K's which averaged around 23:00 mins (PR of 22:48) were VERY hard and I really pushed it--and it was hard-- damn hard. I always felt it afterwards. Yes-- my time during the 11 miler was not at my 5k pace-- but close to it and it truly was a breeze. SOOOO much different than an aggressive 5k. My only explanation is the time of day in which I ran.

Most of my past runs and 5K's have ALL occurred in the morning hours where I seem to be more sluggish. A week ago, I attempted a 10 miler on an early Saturday morning-- and failed miserably. My runs at night, and after work (the 11 miler) have been unbelievable!!! I can't stop. I am a PM runner and this scares me.

The gun will fire for my half marathon next week at 7 in the morning. I am terrified I will be a slug because it's in the AM. I need to break this and I need your help. Keep in mind-- for the first three months of training I ran ONLY in the AM so it's not a matter of getting used to running in the morning. By now I should be. What is going on???

Thanks, in advance!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Didn't Do it!

As I told you in my post yesterday I had planned to run 10 miles today. I didn't......

I ran 11!!!!!!!!

Even more impressive, to me anyways, is the time I finished, 1hr 28min!

The run was amazing. It was a beautiful Buffalo night-- temperatures in the 60's, a steady breeze, sunny, and the smell of spring flowers filled the air.

At mile 9-- I felt a sense of utter euphoria! I have heard other runners describe the moment-- When they feel almost detached from their bodies-- floating-- (I swear I did not smoke anything wacky before hand!). It really was a cool feeling-- I felt incredible-- and I definitely had it in me to go for 3 more miles. I chose not to because I really want my upcoming half marathon to be the very first time I run 13.1 miles. I want that day to mean something-- after all -- it is the reason for all of this work.

Today after work-- 5 Miles, easy
Weds: 3miles- 5k pace, 3 easy
Thursday: 7 easy
Friday: rest
Saturday: 5 miles easy

Monday, May 11, 2009

Cheat Days and The 10 miler

I'll begin by telling you about yesterday... mmmmmm.. yesterday. I have chosen Sunday as my cheat day, ya know, the "I will eat whatever I want and however much I want" day. Needless to say, I love Sundays.

When I say cheat-- it's only with food. I still run on Sundays and got in a good 4 miler yesterday. After that-- it was Farm fresh eggs and bacon. For lunch and dinner: a LARGE Italian submarine, with three kinds of meat, mayo, oil, the works! My desert?

Nestle Ultimate chocolate chip cookies! I went to bed with a huge smile on my face.

Some people scoff at cheat days. Those strict nutritionists who say there is no room for that kind of eating any day of the week, month, or year. I disagree and in fact, have been successful working in a day of gluttony.

I decided to "go nutz" one day per week when I started to stop losing weight. Someone mentioned that I was not consuming enough calories forcing my body to store fat. They suggested breaking the rules for one day to reset my metabolism. This was not hard and it is working. I began to drop the pounds again!

Today-- it's back to a healthy menu but it's not so bad. Today, is Turkey Chili!

Now, for that 10 miler-- I am running one today after work. That's it. Writing about Sunday is sooo much more interesting :)

How about you other runners out there, do you have a cheat day?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Note to Self: Next Time, Go With Instinct

Today was "suppose" to be my day off. I slept in, went to work, ate sensible, and did not run. That is until I got home.

I whipped up some Low cal Meatloaf Balls (recipe straight from Biggest Loser- Tara made them last episode only I did mine with 99% fatfree ground turkey).

My conversation with myself:

"these take a 1/2 hour to bake, what am I going to do while I wait?"

The sensible me said: "Go watch TV, Patrick-- rest your legs, a Seinfeld repeat is on somewhere"

The not so sensible side, rudely interrupted: "run, run , run ,run-- wussy"

I debated with myself for 10 minutes. 9 times out of 10 I never listen to the sensible me--- I got changed, slipped on my Mizuno's, put the oven on time bake-- and hit the road.

Bad move.

The first 4 miles were great. The sun was setting, temperature very comfortable, and my body felt awesome. The last 3 miles were not so kind.

Mile 5: It all went downhill when I got to a city park path that circles a lake. It had rained last night and there was this enormous puddle that absolutely had NO way around it. It didn't look too deep, so I decided to try and tiptoe through it-- What was I thinking? The front part of my Mizunos are nearly all breathable mesh, which means water went right through them. They were soaked! I HATE squishy wet feet and was convinced I was going to get moldy feet or something-- My mental state began to decline.

Mile 6: Back on city streets and now angry. My mind is consumed with my squishy, wet, gross feet-- I blow right through a green light and nearly get hit by a city bus. The driver honked the horn and all of the people on the bus passed by me giving me dirty looks and I'm convinced one of them was pointing at my squishy wet feet but that could have been in my head.

Mile 7: The last leg. It rained-- not just a little sprinkle-- a full downpour. Now, my feet were not alone-- My whole body became a squishy mess.

I got home, the meatloaf balls were cooked and waiting-- They were, soooo:


I must not have added enough of something-- I don't know.

I am now going to bed :)

My question for the day: Any advice on how to dry out wet shoes???

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Little Dilemma

Here's the deal. Like many of you-- I am absolutely, 100%, without a doubt, in love -no- infatuated with running. It's become such an addiction I struggle to take a day off. My aches and pains seem few and far between and I truly enjoy the sport. The problem is-- I also want to gain some muscle-- but HATE weight training. Hate is a strong word-- I dislike weight training and feel like it gets in the way of my running. I feel some major guilt for not embracing the weights like I do the pavement.

As some of you may know-- I am training for a half marathon which is less than 18 days away. I am working hard on increasing my distance-- My current Max mileage is 8-- working on making it to 12 before the big day.

I say-- Keep my focus on the half-- worry about the weights after that. Some people are born to cross train. I, clearly, am not one of them. Your thoughts?

Also-- How much are your abs worked during a 3-8 mile run??? Will running help sculpt? or just burn fat?

Thanks for your help.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Recruiting a New Runner

There are many reasons I run. I love the freedom, feeling healthy, losing weight, being outside with nature-- I feel alive! I even embrace the aches and pains that go along with it. Now, I have a new reason to adore the pavement pounding--it's inspirational.

For the past several weeks, my friend, and co-worker Aaron, has been listening to all of my stories of a life on the run. Every morning at work, I tell him the tales of my last run. Where I went, how far, and how long it took me to finish. He would always seem interested but I had no idea these conversations were lighting a fire within him.

Aaron began to run. He started like many of us. He Ran for a few minutes then walked-- on and off- for the past couple of weeks. Last Tuesday he decided to take it to the next level. I told him I was running in the Louis J. Billitier 5K in downtown Buffalo and he reluctantly agreed to join me.

The day of the race we met in the registration area. He had the IPOD ready to go, proper attire, and was full of butterflies---ahh remember those first race jitters! I assured him he was going to be fine. I told him not to be concerned with time just run the whole way through and finish, finish, finish!

The gun went off and although I had planned to stick with him-- he asked me to go ahead at my speed. He wanted to zone out on his own. The course was pretty flat and very scenic. The backdrop was the surprisingly big Buffalo skyline along the shore of lake Erie. If you've ever seen "Bruce Almighty", which was filmed in Buffalo, it's the scene where Jim Carey and Morgan Freeman are walking on the water.

I finished in a record time for me- 22:50 and then raced to my car to get the camera to catch Aaron coming across his first finish line. 11 minutes later he did and he was running!

33 minutes is great for a first time runner! After the race, and once he caught his breathe, he turned and looked at me and told me I fueled his desire to run this and thanked me for helping him feel better than ever! Little did I know-- all of those stories had helped him catch the very contagious running bug. It was the best feeling-- better than any personal best running time. I had helped someone improve their life both emotionally and physically.

It gave me another reason to love this sport-- so much so-- that after the 5K I ran another 4 miles at the park, but only after a few beers with the worlds newest runner! Congrats Aaron!

P.S.- this race was awesome-- Not only free beer but FREE massages at the end too!!!!