Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It really stands for:

I: Illio
T: Tibial
B: Band
S: Syndrome

It SHOULD stand for

I: I
T: Think it's
B: Bull
S: Shit

The pain started a couple of weeks ago and then really got bad during last Saturday's long run-- since then it's on and off.

For those who don't know, ITBS is a common knee injury amoung us runners-- and thankfully not terribly serious-- but the pain can be awful.

Last Saturday at mile 15 it really hurt-- Although tempted, I did not stop and thanks to the snow we had last weekend I had an instant ice pack after the 20 miles--I just knelt down into a pile and kept my knee "frozen" for 10 minutes. I have a physical therapist as a friend who told me I need to keep it iced, compressed, and get some (the word we all hate) rest! I took Sunday and Monday off- but picked it back up--- running 4 miles Tuesday, 4 today (weds). It's going well-- it REALLY hurts when I have to climb stairs though !

I should count my blessings. Another runner in our group had to stop at mile 15-- his foot soo bad he could not continue. I volunteered to run ahead, get my car, and pick him up.

Anyone else had a bout with ITBS? Advice? marathon is less than a month away-- I want to play it smart but also want to continue training.


  1. I say talk to your PT friend and listen to whatever he/she says. You certainly don't want to get injured and have to miss Mickey and the gang next month! Good luck.

  2. I've managed to avoid that injury so far (knock on wood). I hope it gets better FAST! You are so close to your marathon! With that said, listen to your PT.

    And to answer your question, just tell people to shut the **** up. Ha ha ha! I'm probably a little too up-front sometimes but it works! ;D In other words, make a joke out of it and laugh at yourself.

    Take care of yourself & your IT Band, Patrick!

  3. Well, well, well this is not acceptable - ITB before your marathon? I think you need to let your knee know it's just not on.

    Looks like you're doing so well, aside from that Patrick! I love the pics of your daggy jumper party, although I'm not sure yours was daggy enough :).

    You take care of yourself in that Buffalo cold and get better!

  4. I had a bad bout of ITBS a couple years ago and had to take almost three full weeks off runnin.

    The foam roller was what worked for me, along with physio treatments twice a week.

    Good luck!

  5. I've been lucky and have not had ITBS. But, quite a few that I know have. Avoid downhills. Stretch the IT band after a run. Take care of it now - you're not going to like the alternatives. Also, a lot of people swear by a foam roller - rolling out the area after a run.

    Here's a resource you might take a look at to learn more.

    Take it easy - you're coming down the homestretch and a little caution can go a long way. Unless of course, you've adopted the "Go big or go home" strategy. It it were me, I'd be more interested in getting out of Buffalo and having a good (and warm) time in Florida!

  6. And yes Patrick - I am a wimp! The 40's are frigid for us. I was lucky - last year I was in Buffalo in Feruary I think - during the middle of a warm spell. I've never been lucky enough to experience an Erie witer....

    Although, I've got to go to Chicago between Christmas and New Years day. I need to order some warm(er) weater....

  7. I've had a couple of bouts with ITBS. For me, rest and strength training have been the cure. The key exercise has been the single leg deadlift:

    The proble actually originates in your butt. That muscle gets tight, leaving no slack for the IT band to slide by the condyle of the femur. The femur ends up pretty much shredding the tissue of the IT band, causing the pain.

    Stretching/massage (ie, the roller) will relieve the tightness and the ice will reduce the inflammation in the IT band. Ultimately, strength training will help cure the problem altogether.

  8. Stretchinghas been the ideal remedy and prevetion. Try the figure 4 stretch. Like sitting with an ankle on your other knee and leaning forward witha straight back. the ITB should be felt as a stretch.

    my blog covers my injury with this and recovery. The nice thing is this stretch you can do while sitting at your desk! Also, I bought a foam roller for rolling out the aches and pains, this is a bit torturous!