Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I never learn my lesson

Didn't I tell you people to remind me NOT to run during the middle of the day anymore?

Despite telling myself and all of you I would not run between the hours of 1-4 during hot, humid days-- I did, again. Actually it went well. I maybe getting used to this extreme heat and humidity. I had about 2 hours to burn during work (thank God my work peeps are not following this) so I went to the gym, suited up, and took off.

Now that I have Buffalo friends following I will explain my route. I went from BAC downtown on Delaware allllll the way up to Hoyt Lake in Delaware park-- I went around once and then baaaaaack down to the BAC.

It was 8.5 miles.

I kept a slow pace averaging around 8:50min miles. I am taking it easy on the speedwork for now outside during the heat-- will hit the tread once or twice a week to maintain/increase speed.


  1. I wish my slow pace was 8:50....maybe someday...

  2. I like the sound of that route. I'll have to try it sometime before the school year starts. Congrats on doing better with the heat. I wish I could say the same!

  3. Patrick you are the bomb. 8 miles. The middle of the day. In heat and humidity. Good job!

    ps. do you really want reminding not to run in the middle of the day?

  4. Great run, Patrick! I'm avoiding mid-day runs like the plague this week, but it's still tempting to sneak out of the office for a run break.

  5. Slow at 8:50? Looks pretty dang fast to me! Just make sure you are hydrating if you keep running in the middle of the day.

  6. I really have no idea how you Easterners do it. I about died in Philly a couple weeks ago. And that was going from car to hotel!

    And I now know why you are such a great runner for a beginner. I just saw the You Tube video with the fly. Talk about self control! Very professional Patrick!