Monday, August 10, 2009

Pimpin It! and a NEW PR

Like the title?

Ok- As I mentioned I picked Disney to be my first--- Marathon that is. A big reason I picked this race is it will allow me to help out a cause near and dear to my heart. I am running the 26.2 miles for Roswell Park Cancer Institute. For those who don't know this is a wonderful hospital and a leading institute for cancer research. It's based in Buffalo but world reknowned. I appreciate any help I can get- I promise not to harrass my blogger friends so this will be my one and only post regarding this topic. I will update you on my progress-- but not annoy you with endless requests for help.

If you want to donate-- here is my website:

I appreciate ANYTHING you can do-- I believe in this cause and want to raise as much money as I can.

In advance, thanks. thanks, and thanks some more.

OK-- now more on this running thing.

I ran the Celebrity 5k this past weekend shattering another one of my records.
It was the Buffalo Broadcasters Association's 5k and since I am a Buffalo Brodacaster I thought I better run-- glad I did.

It was my best time yet: 21:32!!!!!

My new polar watch was a HUGE help! It was a small race. I placed 17th out of 208-- but still 4th in my age group-- Damn--- I have yet to win an award-- but I am getting closer!


  1. That is still pretty smokin' hot Patrick! Way to go!

    And thanks for your advice and concern yesterday. I'm pretty sure that the pain is just tired muscles from running too far after taking too much time off all at once. I'm going to do an easy run tonight and see how things stack up tomorrow. Oh - and I'll take some Motrin.

  2. go you! congrats on a PR. gotta feel good about that. next 5K i predict an age group award!

  3. Awesome PR. Thanks for visiting my site. Brian is an great blogging friend. I'm glad you are running Disney for RPCI. I was thinking of doing that, but end up running for Sloan-Kittering in honor of Liam Witt. He is a five year old I have come to know with Neuroblastoma.

    You will absolutely love Disney for your first. It is flat and constantly entertaining. Only one spot right after animal kingdom and right before you get to Disney (formally MGM) Studios is a little tough. Looking forward to reading more. Run long.

  4. Well done Patrick! That's a great time. Am so excited about you taking on Disney. Can't wait for the pics and race report!