Thursday, November 26, 2009

Buffalo Turkey Trot 8k

It started out well...The weather was great-- cool but dry and pleasant. I met my running group from Roswell Park Cancer Institute early this morning-- Did some LIVE shots for my TV station at the start line... waited... waited... and waited-- felt great-- pumped-- ready.

Then, Bang!

This is when things go down hill. I had planned to maintain a 6:50 pace throughout this race. In my past couple of weeks of marathon training doubles I have kept this pace many times for 4 milers, surely, this being 5-- I could hold it for one more... NOT!

I knew something wasn't right from the start. My breathing was off-- I felt as if I was pushing HARDER than EVER before-- I was confident I was holding a 6:20 pace... I looked down at my watch: 7:10 pace!!! What???? Mile 1: totally BEAT, 2, 3, 4-- just as bad.

I finished at 35:43-- Not at all what I was hoping.

What went wrong?

The wind-- was a bitch-- and hard on other runners too. There were hills- but nothing I haven't encountered before.

Should I also mention I drank some wine last night-- maybe more than I should have??? I hope that's the reason.. I thought the carbs would help-- but the alcohol apprently did not.. Oh well.

I had fun-- there were some great costumes-- and the race was filled to capacity with 12,000 runners.


  1. I know how you feel. Today's Trot was the worst race I have ever run --- and while I enjoy the costumes and general craziness that accompany the event, I'd prefer a little less drama in my personal race effort. Well, there's always next year...right?

  2. Your key words are "I had fun." We all have runs where the legs and breathing don't cooperate. I'm sure the wine was a factor also. At least you didn't "whine" about it!

  3. Hi Patrick! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Your comments always make me smile. :)

    Sounds like a tough race in many ways! You are doing so well and, as we all know, some days are better than others when it comes to running.

    I'm glad you did the race and had FUN!

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and/or friends!

    And to answer a previous question: Crumb top. Only crumb top for me! ;D

  4. Well - what usually causes this type of fatigue and adrenaline. You don't mention whether you rested the day before or not. Remeber - great race performance means that you have peaked just at the right time. Little things like the type of workouts you do when can have an effect on race performance. That is why when the plan says taper, you should.

    Glad you had fun. And yes - you are right - it was in the 80's by the time our Turkey Trot was done.

  5. sorry you had a lousy run, I think there was something in the air that day, I didn't have the greatest Turkery Trot least you got out there!

  6. I'm with Glenn. If you're running 6:50 miles "multiple times" for 4 milers during the week, you're getting too much quality work in. I know it's fun to run fast when you feel you can, but if you take the majority of your runs easier, you'll be faster on race day. Try to run "fast" no more than twice a week.

  7. I always feel when it's windy like I am running twice as many miles...Don't forget it is about the journey :)