Thursday, November 19, 2009

These Old Shoes & Doubles

I said goodbye to an old friend.

Actually two old friends.

I didn't think it would affect me. I didn't think I would be a tad bit sad. But I am.

It was last week, I visited and was uber excited when I clicked 'Confirm" and purchased my new sneaks (Mizuno Inspire 5). I didn't think at all of my old pair-- that is until the new one arrived.

My old sneaks, also Mizunos, were well past expiration. I held onto them longer than I should have-- not for emotional reasons- but because I am cheap. I NOW suspect though that I might have been subliminally holding onto them for sentimental reasons.

This the is the pair I picked up in the infancy of my new running addiction.

They got me through some tough times.

They were there when it pained me to run 5 miles.

They were there when I ran my first sub 30:00 5k, then my sub 25:00 5k, sub 23:00-- so on and so forth.

They were there when I ran through snow, sleet, and rain.

They were there when I ran my first half..... etc., etc, etc,

Yes, they're just shoes, but they and I have been through a lot. Shared a lot...

SO... Here's to my shoes! I shall never forget you and cherish the memories. Thanks for being there!

Am I a lunatic??? Or Has anyone else had trouble parting ways with their sneakers?


I remember back in High school when I played football. In the month of August we would pull "doubles" (some call them "Two a days"). I dreaded these terribly. We were up at 6am, running drills, hitting pads for three hours. Then back on the field to do it all over again in the hot afternoon sun. It was brutal. I hated August in high school.

Ironically I am performing "Doubles" again but this time I actually kind of like it. I am tired, hungry all the time-- even a bit cranky at times-- but I really like it.

I get up at 6AM-- run, hit gym for ab work.... I then break from work around 3PM and embark on round two.

I will put in more than 44 miles this week because of it and I feel stronger, faster than ever before.

As my old shoes could tell you-- keeping a 7:13 pace on a 4 miler was inconceivable months ago-- today, it's much easier!


  1. You are doing so amazingly well, Patrick!! I'm in awe of your dedication, speed, and abilities!

    You are not a lunatic. When I decided to exchange my first real pair of running shoes for a more suitable pair, I felt bad. I even said good-bye to them as the shoe guy took them away. I had only had them for a couple months but I felt attached to them. :}

  2. How many miles were on those shoes?!?

    Nice work on the doubles. I've been trying to incorporate some, teaching the legs to run tired.

  3. Well, two a days explains how you're able to quaff those Stabucks Pumpkin Spice lattes.

    You have come soooo far since you started! You've got some talent there Patrick if you're running 7 minute miles. Keep up the great work.

  4. I totally get emotional about my shoes - though it happens a lot less now that I go through them so quickly.