Monday, March 1, 2010

Miami Beach Bound!



I am getting things ready for this weekend's Miami Beach 13.1 and getting very excited. I have been training pretty hard and hoping it pays off next Sunday.

It's so nice now that I am no longer a Marathon or Half marathon "virgin". I know a bit more about what to expect and really feel like I am going to enjoy the experience without having too many pre-race jitters.

It was last May when I ran my first half marathon and I can still remember the anxiety I felt leading up to it-- but now-- no more. I am not putting a lot of pressure on myself. I have worked hard and I am confident things will go smoothly ( as I currently knock on wood).

I am still going strong with my plan of a 5k a day with a long run on Saturday-- this past Sat. I ran 11.5 miles and felt pretty good, in fact was able to continue after that with some weight training.

I am shooting for a time of under 1:40-- or at least better than 1:46 which I logged when I ran the Buffalo Half Marathon back in May-- above all though, I am going to enjoy the scenery, the blue Miami skies and water, and the event itself which is promising to be pretty energetic-- full of LIVE music and entertainment along the route.

I am also pumped to hear the course finish line has been moved to take place along the beach!!!


  1. Whoa! Already back at it, eh? I've been so out of it. Good luck this weekend. I was so burned out going into this weekend's race and so ready for a break, but now I'm really charged up mentally.

    What do you think about Ragnar Relay Miami to Key West in January 2011? I'm toying with putting a team together.

  2. Hi Patrick,
    Wow, how exciting to be running in another half marathon....and Miami...even better!! It sounds like you have been working pretty hard and I am sure that you will do awesome!! Good luck to you! Remember to have fun and enjoy the ride:)

  3. Miami sounds very appealing right now. Enjoy the trip and have a great race!

  4. Patrick! Dude! Welcome back to the blogosphere! Great to ear that you are still putting in the training miles and still racing.

    Have a great time in Miami. At least it let's you get away from the snow!

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