Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Loving Fall and GNC

It has been a beautiful couple of weeks in my neck of the woods-- perfect for running.

I love the fall in NY. We haven't quite reached the time when the leaves change and begin to fall. Things are still lush and green but the temperatures have been averaging in the 70's and are near perfect for pounding the pavement.

I have had a good last week. I ran 10 miles Saturday at an average pace of 8:56 rounding the week off with 33 miles... Not goal, but I'll take it.

I am finding my strength during runs is not consistent at all-- I'll run one day and feel great-- the next two, not so much. In the past few issues of Runner's World I have noticed advertisements from GNC. They are promoting their " Pro Performance AMP" Whey protein-- They are targeting runners, claiming the product will help with endurance and maybe, in my case, help bring me back some consistency with energy levels.

Does anyone use this or other supplements to compliment training-- if so, which works for you and why? Thanks for the help!


  1. I feel I can run a lot faster in this weather--not too hot, not too cold!

  2. Like you, I always seem to fall into this pattern of good run, bad run, good run, bad run. Too bad they can't all be good!

    I use regular whey protein to make shakes occasionally, but not regularly. Mostly I just try to eat well, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep and my runs reflect that.

  3. Only thing I ever use is Accelerade, GU and Clif Shots. I'm not trying to build muscles. Runner Dude has quite a bit about nutrition. Check it out.

  4. Hey Patrick - I don't know about that stuff, sorry.

    I hear you with the good run/bad run stuff. Hope that protein gear helps you out :)

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  6. Remember Patrick - every run should not be run at the same speed/consistency/pace. The idea is to put in good general miles at 75% to 85% of max heart rate for aerobic conditioning. You should have one run a week at greater than 85% max heart rate (either a tempo run or intervals or fartleks) to stimulate VO2Max and lactate threshold, and then one long run a week between 65% and 75% max heart rate to stimulate glycogen use. So - don't be too concerned about speed and pace. Be patient and let your body adapt. It will!