Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Fellow Runners

I've taken a look back at past posts and-- Oh my-- how I've failed you and myself. That thing called life has once again interfered with my running and blogging... Not that I haven't been running at all-- I still put in a solid 27m last week but if you followed my past posts that is MUCH LESS than what I had planned so-- My fellow runners I pledge;
To be a better runner-- strive for the best
To keep my "Eyes on the Prize" ie, Disney Marathon
To not succumb to the evil taunts from friends who want to grab a drink after work
keeping me OFF the road
To eat better and not gain another pound (up 2 pounds since we last chatted)
To buy better shoes (my mizunos are WELL over their maximum miles)
To blog, blog, and blog-- it helps keep me motivated
To read your blogs-- which moticates me even more!

I feel better all ready!


  1. Hey Patrick! You haven't failed a bit - if you'd stopped, you could consider using that work but you haven't!

    I hear you about your pledge, it's great. I need to do all of those things too. Especially the blogging and the reading of blogs. They keep you honest, inspired and motivated. Yours does that for me, please don't forget it!

  2. I love food! It's my Achilles heal. Otherwise I'd be turning 6 minute miles already!!

  3. Patrick - just like you can't work 24 hours a day 365 days ayear, sometimes we need a littl break from running. You are still putting in the miles, so you haven't lost your fitness. Now it's just finding a good training plan that will peak on race weekend! 30 miles a week is still a great week!

  4. Sometimes life just gets in the way!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Congratulations on your mileage! Yup, keep your eyes on the prize. Just think how you're going to feel when you cross the finish line at your first marathon!

  6. Someone asked me why I run at 5PM instead of after dinner when it's so damned hot in Florida. My answer?

    So I can have a drink or two with dinner. Alcoholic motivation, baby! Maybe you can meet your friends after your run.