Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Start with a BANG!

Kicked off the week well!

9 miles yesterday- average pace: 8:30!!!! I was a bit concerned about this run as I did not run AT ALL over the weekend-- no issues. I felt great and have gained control once again of my breathing. The weather also helps-- Buffalo slowly changing into fall mode and is quite pleasant.

On tap: 5miler today at 5k pace-- shooting to maintain around 7:00 min miles for the entire run.

Another goal-- Need to start eating better! I have had a friend in town all weekend and have been eating like a piggy-


  1. Piggy weeks are ok. I eat Mom's food all the time when she is at work. I am still commandeering her account. SHhhh!

  2. Food consumption is the biggest problem for me. Isn't it tempting to run 10 miles or so and then down a large pizza? I've done it!

  3. Nice 9-miler! GOod luck with the 5.

    I have definitely had my share of piggy weeks this summer. Oops!

  4. Patrick - here's the way I look at it. It took me *years* of practice to put on all the weight that I did. So, a couple days of pigging out is not going to put it all back on. Enjoy the food! Heck - no one should feel guilty about enjoying things like food and drink....

  5. Nice Patrick! I'm no where near 9 miles, thanks for giving me something to aim for!