Sunday, September 20, 2009

What a Weekend!

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the debate over GNC whey protein-- I am staying away from it for now. Not that I have found any evidence it doesn't work to help power runs but at this point I would rather not depend on any substance, natural or synthetic, to train.

I am ending what has been a spectacular weekend running-wise. I put in a quality 8 miles Friday at a apace of 8:50, then 10 miles Sat. at a whopping 7:56 avg pace! I was on fire Saturday. I think Glenn is right-- You have good days and bad days try and not be so focused on consistency-- in running, really there is no such thing.


Congrats to Melanie from Mel Tries to Run! She is kicking butt and taking names-- setting new goals each week. It's great to read and see her progress-- a woman who has worked so hard to take part in this crazy world we all love-- a crazy, inconsistent world-- called running!


  1. Hey Patrick. Yep, one week to go. Thanks for thinking of me and I'll appreciate the good vibes all week. I'm an equal blend of nerves and excitement at this point.

    Sorry you missed the giveaway!

    Great runs this week. You're doing great! Disney will be amazing.

  2. Great work Patrick. What's your weekly mileage looking like these days? What are you thinking of peaking at before the marathon?

  3. Thanks for the kind words Patrick! I appreciate that you do value my input, for what it may be worth.

    I realized that I didn't answer your question either. I *always* use some type of a supplement - but mostly for carb replacement on longer runs.

    In general - less tha 12 miles, I'll have a Gatorade when I get back to my car and some Endurolyte (Hammer Nutrition) electrolyte replacement when I get home.

    If my run is 16 miles or longer, I'll take some type of carb replacement drink mixed with electrolyte replacement (I'm finding that Endurolyte by Hammer Nutrition works well for me) on the run. I'll have a gel every hour, and usually a snack of some type (Clif Bar) at 2 hours. Then, I'll use something like Biotest Surge - whch has a 4:1 carb to protein ratio when I get home.

    For me it's all about making sure I have enough energy on the run, and then making sure I fuel for recovery after the run. I'm not big on the Whey Protein things becuase they usually are pretty low in carbohydrates - the thing that is the most important for us runners....

  4. Glad you have been having some good runs. (Not those runs silly.)

    Can't wait to cheer you on at Disney!!!