Thursday, July 2, 2009

Holiday Get-A-Way-- Mapping out the run!

Today (Thursday) is my Friday! My holiday weekend begins tonight. I am driving to the New York City area to visit family. I am very excited for the obvious reasons, relaxation, the consumption of a few (many) frothy beverages, good food, etc-- but I also get psyched at the thought of mapping out new runs in strange, unfamiliar territories.

My brother and his wife live in Chappaqua, Westchester County, NY. They recently moved there-- so I have not yet been-- but have heard many good things about the community. It's where the Clintons lived while Hillary served as a US senator for New York, it's full of quaint neighborhoods with tree lined streets.

Whenever I travel-- I first, map out my desired runs on GMAPS PEDOMETER--

A GREAT source. It allows you to designate a route and gives you the mileage and calories burned. I like it better than, which has more details, but is much slower.

I've already established three routes that I plan to run. One for each day I am there.

Anyone else have any "tips" when running on "trips"?


  1. When I trips, I use my running to explore the area I'm in. I purposely don't plan it out, and just go wherever the road takes me. Of course, this take somewhat of a sense of direction and a sense of adventure. A GPS watch doesn't hurt either. Enjoy!

  2. My childhood best friend lives there and says it just beautiful. Have fun! Christine

  3. How lovely. Bill's a bit of a runner, isn't he? If you bump into him, say hi!

    And have an AWESOME long weekend!

  4. Westchester County is GREAT! It is beautiful beautiful beautiful! Close enough to the big city, but still a whole world away (one of my clients used to be Westchester County).

    When I travel I use to search for runs. You might want to give it a look.

    Also - tomorrow I think I'm going to blog why I use a heart rate monitor. It's not for everyone...

  5. I LOVE Gmaps Pedometer and rely on it ALL THE TIME!

    Have a wonderful weekend away and Happy 4th!