Friday, July 31, 2009

Slow Re-Start

I feel like an old clunker-- You know-- those cars that if you don't drive them for a while-- they take forever to restart. I am back up and running-- but feel VERY sluggish. I only took about 5 days off so I'm pretty discouraged.

I feel slower and my breathing is off. My longest run this week was a 7 miler and I felt like I was going to die!

Does anyone else have this problem after breaks?


  1. Patrick I've been so crappy with my blog catch ups lately and I completely missed the seriousness of your injury! I'm so sorry to hear your leg has been troubling you. And that you're breath isn't cooperating now you're back.

    I soooooo know how you feel, and don't worry it's going to be better before you know it :). Great times on your previous entries ps!

  2. We are past that age now, where we can take a week off and be able to jump right back in where we let off. Our bodies literally take muchmore of a beating when we stop for more than a day. Just get doing something, and you'll fell the rewards!

  3. As long as you aren't a clunker involved in the "cash for clunkers" deal going on right now, you'll be fine...probably in a few more days. Tim Waz is right, I'm afraid. Once you hit that certain age (and in my case, a few years beyond that certain age) it takes a bit longer to bounce back from an injury. Hang in there, slowly build back up to where you are, and you'll be back running at your normal speed in no time. Good luck!