Thursday, July 9, 2009

A So-So week

Nothing spectacular so far. It's Thursday and I've put in about 25 miles so far. I am planning a 12 miler tonight... Big deal!

I am getting bored and need to start spicing it up a bit. I have been so damned concerned with upping my mileage I have done little to up my speed.


I am paying close attention to two blogs in particular-- Brian (A Runner's Blog) and Glenn (fatguyrunning) both follow great programs-- and push it hard. Neither ever seems to get bored. They're able to mix it up-- increasing distance and speed.

My biggest problem? Not having the information when running. I have been a stubborn old man who has refused to get a fancy-schmancy Garmin watch-- I need one for proper training-- so I will shop around and finally break down and get one.

Maybe, then I'll break the boring old routine-- and start to heat things up.


  1. I think a "fancy shmancy" watch will give you just the boost you need to ramp up your training and keep it interesting! You'd be surprised how motivating it is so see the numbers on the screen and be able to analyse them on the computer later.

  2. Garmins are the greatest things ever invented. I know that's a stretch, but they are great. You will love it! Also, stop by my blog for your award!

  3. You NEED a Garmin!

  4. You'll love the Garmin, when you get one you'll say "where have you been all my life!"

  5. Patrick - Thanks for the shout! I think you are wise realizing what is happening and wanting to spice your running life up! In fact, I think I'm going to steal that idea for a post soon.

    I do one other thing to keep my runs fresh. I subscribe to a couple of podcasts of radio shows - Coast to Coast AM and The Phil Hendrie Show. I think just listening to something different each day goes a long way to maintaining my sanity. Plus I get to catch up on news, current events, comedy and things that go bump in the night!

    I would also highly suggest that you pick up Advanced Marathoning by Pete Pfitzinger. A great book that will explain a lot!

    Finally, feel free to drop me an email at gjhome00 at gmail dot com. I have a couple of training plans in Excel spreadsheets that I would be happy to share if you want!

  6. Oh - and I am currently taking two days a week off. Sometimes I'll cross train on Monday, but *only* if I got my long run in on Saturday and I'm not too tired. Even still, I'll only spend a max of half an hour on the rowing machine. Fridays are like my running Sabbath.

    I also *try* to make it to the gym twice a week after recovery runs to stretch, cruch, plank, etc. I don't lift, cycle, or do anything else. Some swear by cross training and I'm sure it helps. But, I'm running pretty ragged right now without all the extra stuff.

  7. This is a problem that all runners face at one point or another. I'd suggest a couple of possible approaches: consider trail running, perhaps at Chestnut Ridge Park in Orchard Park or the trails at Losson Park in Cheektowaga. That tends to be a nice challenge, and breaks up the monotony of road running. If you're looking for speedwork, Runner's World always has some good speedwork ideas that you can incorporate into your weekly mileage. You might want to join a local running group like Checkers, or (shameless plug for my team) the Greater Buffalo Track Club. Both clubs have speed workouts once a week. Let me know if you're interested in more information! Good luck!

  8. Having a Garmin definitely helps with the speed trainings. Being a bit of a geek, I love the stats it produces too.

    Doing a program definitely helps in keeping the runs interesting. I found my routine getting stale a bit and picking up a half marathon program definitely helped.

    Have fun shopping for a Garmin ;-)