Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tyring to Make Up My Mind

I still have not decided. I told you weeks ago that I was looking for the next challenge-- My first Marathon.

I went down the list of a few I was considering-- and since then have added one more.

I want to run the NYC marathon. Official registration has been long closed-- but there are several charities still looking for runners-- if I can raise the amount required (average $2,500)

This much I know-- I have narrowed it down to two-- NYC (if I can get in) and The Walt Disney World Marathon in Orlando.

Brian, from a Runners Blog, mentioned that already the WDW is 65% full so I have to make up my mind fast!

I am a journalist-- so I am all about deadlines. I am giving myself two more weeks to decide... Even if the WDW closes-- I can still join a local charity group (Roswell Park Cancer Institute) which has a team running in WDW..

I hate decisions...........


  1. Ok here are my suggestions to help with your decision:

    1. I ran Disney last year as my first marathon and really enjoyed it. Some of my fellow running buds have had not so "magical" experiences there. I for one thought it was a great first time marathon. (I have run two thus far though so not sure how much stock to put in this suggestion!)

    2. Can you raise the money for charity in time? That is quite a bit to raise. Better get your car wash sponge ready.

    3. I would do NYC as I am a Floridian and can do WDW without a lot of cost. I say start with the hometown run if you can.

  2. Hey P,

    To follow up about that Disney comment. My friends were there the year that Disney didn't have enough water for the runners. Some friends were volunteering and gave the runners their own personal water and I guess Disney was not happy about it. They refused to give these volunteers their free tickets. These runners also think Disney charges too much in general.

    Again, I did it last year (as did a few others in our group) and had no issues.

  3. New York is an amazing race and an amazing marathon. It was my first and my favorite. I haven't run Disney, so can't compare, but as a New Yorker, I am partial to the NYRR. It is incredible, and the feeling of running through the city through the millions of spectators is just overwhelming. And the money raised goes toward great causes.

  4. Hey Patrick! Long time no blog!

    That's pox about the water at Disney that Bob wrote about!

    I've spent the last week reading Kathrine Switzer's "Marathon Woman" and it really made me want to run NYC one day. And it's New York(I have major stars in my ideas for NYC)!

    You can totally raise that money in the months until NYC. Which reminds me I haven't sponsored Rick in his race!

  5. Definitely a tough choice! I'm running WDW next year, but NYC is also on my to-do list. Good luck deciding!

  6. Choose the one that has the "volunteers" that hand out beer on the course:(

    See - even more similarities between running and poker!

  7. ok, ok, I wrote this months ago. But...since I just discovered your blog, I am commenting now :)
    I am running the WDW with Team in Training! (is this where I post a shameless plug?!? um...yeah. )
    Anyway, the people I have spoken to that repeatedly "do disney" say it is totally fun! Although, it is lacking the prestige of NY.

    (reading forward now to see what you decided)