Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Update and New Technology

Hi everyone.

I am back from vacation-- and although it was tough to return to work after a long week of rest I did get some good news Monday regarding my injury. The Xrays came back and show no fracture which was really what I was concerned about. The Doc says it probably has more to do with the muscle-- Possibly, given the location of the pain, the Soleus:

Some of you sugested shin splints-- I have had those before-- this is different.. The pain is in that area, the front lower part of the leg, but further in- if that makes any sense.

Anyway-- fresh off the news that it is not anything too serious and now that the pain has subsided-- I am back on my feet. I went on an easy 5 miler today during lunch.. and.. I kept an average of a 7:45 pace--- How do I know that you maybe asking??? Because I received a snazzy heart rate monitor for my bday last week!!!! Yes I am finally amoung many of you high tech runner geeks ( I say that with love of course). I LOVE IT.

It's not the Garmin-- which between you and I-- is what I really wanted-- BUt this is awesome!!

I got the polar rs200sd- It is pretty cool and tells you EVERYTHING the garmin does--It's just not equipped with GPS technology-- But I really don't need that. It has a foot pod which like the heart rate belt, remotely connects to the watch and gives you distance, calories burned, time, pace, etc.

It also remotely downloads data to your computer-- I haven't quite figured that out yet.

So you should expect some big time results from me-- thats the hope anyway, now that I am injury free and finally linked to modern technology!


  1. Happy Birthday (belated)!! What a cool gift to get! And yes... I expect to see all that high-tech stuff showing up on your blog. :)

    Good news that your injury isn't a fracture. I hope it continues to get better and better! Thanks for the update!

  2. I hope your injury heals quickly.
    I have a Garmin 305, but I've not once (yet)used the HR monitor that comes with it.

  3. Hey, you actually went to the doctor! That's smart. I don't know many runners who actually do that. Can't wait to see the addition of your high tech data to your posts.

  4. Happy Bday Pat!

    Glad to see you went to the doc. And glad to hear it was good news. The week on vacation probably also helped a lot - rest is something that cures most of our running ailments!

    And congrats on the Polar! It is quite a contraption. You'll find things like calorie counts are *much* more accurate on your device than a Garmin. Polar uses your heart rate, gender, and weight to get to a more accurate calculation of calorie burn. All of my rowing buddies swear by their's.

    Also - my Cheesesteak adventure in Philly this week has me wanting a Beef on Weck from Charlie the Butcher's. I wish we had somethng like that out here!

    Finally - I got a scoop yesterday on my old client - Erie County Jail. I'm going to forward it to you on your email - look for something from gjhome00 at gmail.com coming your way later today.

    Keep on running! Great to hear from you!