Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My New PR is.........

This past weekend was excellent!

First of all-- it was the Allentown Arts Festival in Buffalo-- a big to-do here. It's a huge festival encompassing several city streets in Buffalo's Allentown neighborhood. I am not a HUGE art nut but you don't have to be-- there are PLENTY of house parties and I drank my fair share of fermented beverages and had an awesome time.

BUT-- I am burying the lead. This weekend was also the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k-- and as it is in many other cities-- it's also a huge event in Buffalo.

(Our Morning News Anchor Bridget and I)

I signed up with a team from work weeks ago. We were team HOBNOB ( our sports anchor came up with it-- it's a wine he likes)

(Team HobNob)

and not only did I help out a great cause I also beat my best 5k time. Drum roll please.......

My old 5k pr: 22:50

My new time: 22:08!

The course was pretty flat and I flew through-- in fact-- I could not believe how easy it felt. I really like that all of this training, albeit scattered brain as it has been in my case, is paying off.

I am now trying to take one of my favorite blogger's (Brian, from a Runner's blog) lead and try "two a days". Running twice a day. To start off-- I will shoot for two-a-days twice a week... I will keep you posted.


  1. Congrats on a great time. You're faster than I was at this time last year. Be careful upping your mileage when doing the two-a-days. Don't injure yourself. Also, make sure you still get in a long run of about 25% of your total weekly mileage.

  2. Wow Patrick! WHat a brilliant time.

    My favourite part of that post "I'm burying the lead". That will make me laugh ALL DAY.

    Sounds like an awesome weekend!

    Thanks so much for your terrific, positive comments on my blog. Here's to being an awesome swimmer (for a while!!).

  3. Congrats Patrick! Stellar PR! Awesome that you felt great doing it too.

  4. Congrats Patrick! That's pretty speedy for a "new" runner! Guess we'll have to stop calling you Newbie....

  5. Love your blog!
    Glenn (above) directed me here, because I have a question about an interview re: Gov Schwarzenegger/Twitter...long story. He said you would be able to help me re: interview ground rules.

    ~~Ms. V

  6. Congratulations to you Patrick! That was indeed a very great time to behold! : ) Keep it up! Just keep the fire burning! ; )