Friday, June 26, 2009

A Great Discovery

I didn't discover it. Instead, it was a Show Director at work who came across a very old and unused shower at our TV station!

This is HUGE.

The Station is located downtown and a few city blocks from my gym. In the past, during my lunch break, I would walk (10mins) to the gym, get changed into running gear there, run, return to gym, shower, walk back to work-- It was pretty time consuming. The Show Director, also a runner, took his own time to clean out the shower-- which had become storage for boxes of old scripts. He put up a curtain, had maintenance scrub it down-- it's great! Now-- I can "launch" and "land" right here at work-- it's very convenient.

I'll still need to go to the gym for my "Two-a-Days"-- I can't convince my boss to install weightlifting machines here-- but I'm still working on it-- maybe I can work it into my next contract :)


  1. Very cool! A locker room is something I've got on my wishlist for our next office (if we ever decide to move).

  2. I need that at work SO BADLY!

  3. Just by the way, the WDW marathon is currently at 65% capacity (the half marathon is already full). In past years, the full marathon has been full by the end of August - though I suspect it may take a little longer this year,