Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Very Good Week!

I am a big fan of scenery- especially when I run. To me, it's very un-motivating to run a boring or not-very-scenic course-- So-- I am always finding different places to pound the pavement in my area.

My favorite by far-- is around my neighborhood-- It's known as "the Elmwood Village" area in Buffalo. It's full of very old homes, tree lined streets (see past posts for info)

My second: The downtown run.

I work downtown-- and can usually break free for an hour or so. I always have gear in my car and love when I have the chance to break free.

I've mapped out and have run many times-- a cool course-- that takes me along Buffalo's waterfront (Lake Erie)

It's awesome--- especially when the weather cooperates. There's cool parks with the lake on one side-- the skyline on the other. The breeze is fantastic as well.

The trek is around 7 miles.

In order to run it though-- I have to get work done to allow time for a break-- So--for now, adios!


  1. That looks like such a nice area of Buffalo. I have been many times but have never seen the waterfront.

  2. Looks like a beautiful place to run! I love how clean it looks. And the blue sky.

    I'm the same way... I have to run where it is pretty or I don't feel very motivated or inspired.

    Get your work done so you can run!! :)

  3. I agree. Running with great scenary helps a lot. Have you decided on a marathon yet?

  4. Elmwood Village is a *wonderful* place. I've stayed at the Hampton Inn in Downtown a couple of times, and always make the trek up the street to Elmwood Village!