Thursday, May 7, 2009

Note to Self: Next Time, Go With Instinct

Today was "suppose" to be my day off. I slept in, went to work, ate sensible, and did not run. That is until I got home.

I whipped up some Low cal Meatloaf Balls (recipe straight from Biggest Loser- Tara made them last episode only I did mine with 99% fatfree ground turkey).

My conversation with myself:

"these take a 1/2 hour to bake, what am I going to do while I wait?"

The sensible me said: "Go watch TV, Patrick-- rest your legs, a Seinfeld repeat is on somewhere"

The not so sensible side, rudely interrupted: "run, run , run ,run-- wussy"

I debated with myself for 10 minutes. 9 times out of 10 I never listen to the sensible me--- I got changed, slipped on my Mizuno's, put the oven on time bake-- and hit the road.

Bad move.

The first 4 miles were great. The sun was setting, temperature very comfortable, and my body felt awesome. The last 3 miles were not so kind.

Mile 5: It all went downhill when I got to a city park path that circles a lake. It had rained last night and there was this enormous puddle that absolutely had NO way around it. It didn't look too deep, so I decided to try and tiptoe through it-- What was I thinking? The front part of my Mizunos are nearly all breathable mesh, which means water went right through them. They were soaked! I HATE squishy wet feet and was convinced I was going to get moldy feet or something-- My mental state began to decline.

Mile 6: Back on city streets and now angry. My mind is consumed with my squishy, wet, gross feet-- I blow right through a green light and nearly get hit by a city bus. The driver honked the horn and all of the people on the bus passed by me giving me dirty looks and I'm convinced one of them was pointing at my squishy wet feet but that could have been in my head.

Mile 7: The last leg. It rained-- not just a little sprinkle-- a full downpour. Now, my feet were not alone-- My whole body became a squishy mess.

I got home, the meatloaf balls were cooked and waiting-- They were, soooo:


I must not have added enough of something-- I don't know.

I am now going to bed :)

My question for the day: Any advice on how to dry out wet shoes???


  1. I'm laughing. Sorry, I hope you meant for this to be funny. :D

    I'm laughing because of "squishy, moldy feet". I'm also happy you didn't get hit by that bus!

    I'm laughing about the meatloaf balls. They didn't look good to me on TBL and now I know to never try them! I'll add that recipe to my Green Smoothie disaster!

    Drying out shoes... hmmm... someone once told me to stuff them with newspaper. I hate the way newspaper feels so I've never tried it. Just unlace them and let them air out. That ought to keep them from getting too fungi-filled. ;D

    Have a better day tomorrow!!

  2. Newspaper. Wad up some newspaper loosely and put them in your shoes. DO NOT put them in the dryer!

  3. I agree. Don't put them in the dryer. I'd say put them out in the sun, but that doesn't seem to be an option.