Friday, May 15, 2009

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

I took your advice--- all of your advice--- and for the most part it helped-- a lot!

As mentioned in my last post-- I have major concerns about my upcoming Half Marathon due to the fact that it's in the AM. I feel I am a MUCH better PM runner.

I asked how to become a little more energized in the morning, you responded.

First, thanks.

Second-- it worked!

Taking the advice of both Marlene (Mission to a(nother) Marathon) and "The Runner Dude" I got up EARLIER than normal-- at 5AM today. Glenn From "the Running Fat Guy" told me to eat something an hour before take off-- I did, a bowl of cereal. Sara, from "Rookie on the Run" told me to drink coffee which I consumed. I also-- took two of these:

Ultra Man Vitamin B- I usually take these later in the day-- but decided to pop the pills with breakfast-- it gives me energy! I let the food, coffee settle for an hour-- hit the john, and found this scene-- outside my door:

BEAUTIFUL morning. Brian from (A Runner's Blog) told me to do warm ups-- I did, jogged/walked around the block- with interval bursts!

Then it was take off, my goal: 10 miles today.

Remember, last time I tried this in the AM I made it 6 miles and felt terrible. I knew immediately from the start this time was different. I wasn't at my PM pace-- but not at my old AM pace either. I was feeling good. I brought along my GU gel pack-downed that at mile 7 and continued on-- it gave me the final burst I needed to finish.

This time-- it was just 10 miles--No added extra mile like my last LD. I finished in 1hr 24 mins-- about the same has my 11 miler. Yes, I was slower than my LD at night but I finished and felt okay-- a DRASTIC difference from my last few AM runs.

It wasn't perfect-- but better.

I am now LESS stressed about next week. I also have to remember what TANYA (Vegas baby in 26.2) told me-- She said I will have so much adrenaline the morning of the Half-- it'll make up for any AM cobwebs.

Thanks again guys!!! Very nice of you to take the time to help!!


  1. That's AWESOME!

    Keep up your new regimen from now the the race, and you should be feeling great.

  2. Hey! Glad you had a good morning run and can relax about the upcoming race. You'll do great. Trust in your training. Man, you're neighborhood looks cool. Love old houses and neighbors with huge old trees.

  3. LOL!! I meant "neighborhoods" with huge old trees... probably best not knowing about the size of the neighbor's wood. LOL!!

  4. I told you to drink coffee? I must have been drunk! ha ha ha... Glad it worked!

    Beautiful neighborhood! So green & lots of trees. And the houses look so pretty!

    "Neighbors with huge old trees"... that's funny!!

  5. Glad you've got a bit of confidence going into the race. Now that you know you can do it, you can save the interval burst warmups for race days ;).