Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Foot OFF the brake please

I went on my first run yesterday since the half. It wasn't great.

I had set out to run 4 miles but only made it 2.5. After the first mile, my legs began to feel very weak. I took today off and plan to hit the road tomorrow-- hopefully with success.

Input needed: How long until I get back to normal?

I also need another goal-- Yes, I know I want to run a marathon-- but which one? I want my first full marathon to be somewhere special-- So far, here are the races I am considering:

Pros: C'mon, it's Disney!

Cons: Far from home. Won't have a lot of family support there.

Rochester Marathon

Pros: Great course, along Erie Canal. Close to home. I have several friends running.

Cons: Close to home :) therefore not very exotic

International Marathon

Pros: Awesome race and it calls itself the only International Marathon in the world. It starts in Buffalo USA and ends in Canada-- The finish line is literally right at Niagara Falls!

Cons: My partner cannot attend due to a scheduling conflict.

Anyone else have any suggestions? The earliest I feel I could be ready is mid to late August.


  1. Niagara sounds the most exciting - come on, and international marathon! That sucks though that your partner can't be there - still you will have massive bragging rights when you get home :). "Baby, I can't put the garbage out tonight, I just ran a MARATHON...". "Put away the dishes? You really should, you missed my MARATHON."

    I think Disney sounds second most awesome...

    Patrick this is so exciting - you're going to run a MARATHON!!

  2. I agree with Melanie... the Niagara sounds like a fantastic race! I've never been there but it looks like a beautiful place. And you would get to RUN there!

    Disney sounds cool- but in my opinion, Niagara would be my choice... if it WERE my choice.

    And ha ha! Melanie is right... bragging rights & and excuse to get out of doing things around the house = priceless!

    Congrat on your continuing running success! You are awesome!

  3. Your first question - take it easy and don't stress. Keep things short and slow. Your body will let you know when it's ready to push again.

    As far as your first marathon - I would choose a *huge* one. The more runners means the better the organization around the event. I know that when I ran my first (and up to this point my only), I chose the San Diego Rock n Roll. 20,000 runners. It was such a great mental pickup when I started fading to be able to look out on the course, see miles and miles of runners behind me and realize that I really wasn't doing all that bad after all.

    Also - you live there around Niagara. Go for some variety. Would you rather run past Epcot or Clifton Hill? Come to think of it, maybe the Burger King Frankenstein will scare a few extra seconds out of you(ha ha!).

  4. Dude-take it easy on the running! Your body needs to rest. Go for really short easy runs; the rule of thumb is one day of rest for every mile of the race. So that means a couple of weeks of taking it easy. You'll probably bounce back faster than that and you'll start running farther when you feel you can do it. Go for the Niagra marathon. Your first marathon should be EPIC!

  5. Take it easy. I took 2 weeks after my half marathon. I think I ran about 16 easy miles (total) the first week and then got up to about 20-25 the next week - but I was averaging 45-60 miles per week training for the half.

    My vote is for Disney. It'll have about 18,000 runners. There are crowds of people everywhere. The entertainment is great. It was my first marathon. I'll be there this year too (running the half).

  6. Give your body the time it needs to recover, especially if you're starting up marathon training soon. You'll feel better in another week, if not sooner. Make sure you keep your pace SLOW!

    Tough choice on the goal races... I'm partial to Disney because I'm going for the Goofy in 2010. Niagara Falls is supposed to be quite a race. Pretty cool crossing borders and great backdrop.