Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Miracle Drug? Maybe.

Sara Jones from (rookie on the run)inspired this post. She had been complaining of knee pain on her blog-- and I recommended she take a supplement that I have found to be very successful.

I've had pains since I began running months ago. Not severe pain- but my joints, legs, and knees have all given me some discomfort.

I was discussing my recent knee pain with a co-worker who recommended Glucosamine 750-Chondroitin 600 supplements, sold at GNC.

I took her advice. I'll tell you-- there was not immediate relief but after several days I am happy to report nearly all of my pain is gone. This stuff is great! There are studies out there to back up the success.. In fact, Runner's World has done numerous articles on the supplements. Many people with arthritis take these daily to strengthen joints-- particularly in the knees. I, do not have arthritis-- and hope by taking these, I won't end up with the condition.

Like anything, I am sure, results vary. Many times it depends on how your body reacts to this.

Also-- any tips on preparing for my big half next Sunday-- much appreciated.

Have a great day!


  1. One of the things that most of us forget is that our bodies need recovery time. Most training plans have step back weeks that cut way back on mileage, speedwork, etc. just for that purpose. Take a few days off and start easy and your body will react by taking the down time to toughen up.

    And - the supplements don't hurt either!

    By the way - in that photo, there is a "stream" to the left. Of course, around these parts a "stream" is not much more than a culvert to wisk the rain runoff from the streets. Still, it provides quite a haven for wildlife. Not too long ago, one of my running buddies saw a bobcat crossing the trail about a mile up the road from where the photo was taken.

  2. My advice is rest. Cut your mileage way back. I like to run two miles easy (with a few short striders up to race pace) the day before the big event, and the day before that off completely. Fresh legs and the excitement of race day will work wonders for your pace and perceived effort.

  3. Thanks for sharing that Patrick. Hope your training is going great guns for the half!