Monday, April 27, 2009

Am I being Petty????

I was labeled a 20 year old-- shouldn't that be a GOOD thing??

As I told you in my last post. I ran in a 5K this past weekend, you know-- the hilly one! I did not stay to hear the official results. I saw my name tag on the board, showing I placed 73rd out of about 400, and I saw my time (23:48)on the clock when I crossed the finish line. I knew I did not place in the top three of my age group so there was no need to stay for an award-- so I left.

Yesterday, I checked the online results-- They were broken down into age groups-- not overall. I looked and looked but could not find my name anywhere in my age group (30-34)!!! Then-- My friend Jenny, who also ran, called laughing hysterically saying I was in the 18-22 year olds!!! They had Patrick Taney, age 20! I immediately wrote the race director an email politely pointing out the mistake.

To the race director's defense, she was very apologetic and made the change today. So, yes, I complained about being called 13 years younger-- if only I FELT 13 years younger!!! Here's why I was so upset--I placed 32ND out of the 20 somethings-- but 7Th out of my age group-- 7Th place is much better than 32ND!!!

BUT After it was all said and done-- I felt like I was being a little petty--- What would you have done?


  1. Good to clear it up. Still funny though. :)

    To be 20 again.... those were the days.

  2. It was definitely worth saying something... 7th place is amazing! Yay, you!!!

    As for the mistake, the race-age people must have taken one look at you, assumed there had to be a mistake and placed you in with the youngsters! That's what I'd tell myself, anyway.

    Congratulations on a race well run, you little whipper-snapper! :D

  3. 7th! Patrick that's fantastic - congratulations! I don't think you're being petty to have that changed. Your whole job relies on being truthful, you wouldn't want people thinking there was a lack of truth about your age.

    Springs: I did the springs again after my run yesterday and am not sore today. Perhaps I explained them incorrectly.

    Walk backwards, but try and spring off your toes as you do. So you're going backwards, almost skipping, almost lunging. I might do a video! Wow - look out interactive multi media blogpost coming up :)

    Yep - where I run has crocodiles living in the waters beside it, but you'd have to be seriously unlucky to be taken there, I don't think anyone ever has. I'm totally looking for air bubbles and green scales all the time though!

    That water is such a tease. It's so beautiful and who wouldn't love a bit of a dip after a big swim? No chance there. One will simply have to wait for a holiday in the Mediterranean!

  4. Totally not petty. 7th is WAY better - kind of odd, really - I mean the time is the same (which I am impressed by, BTW) but for some odd reason 7th is just better. And I agree with Rookie - it must be because of the way you look - they thought you were 20!

  5. Heck no! 7th is fantastic!

    Regarding the comment you left on my blog: (1) Check out McMillan Running Calculator. Enter your current time and it will predict your finish times and pace at different distances ( Now, it assumes you are in tip top shape, so I find at the Half distance I need to add 5 to 10 minutes for my finish. And (2) I stop at 12 miles only because I will pickup after this and start a marathon training cycle, so I wanted to make it where 12 miles was pretty easy so that 14 and 16 don't seem so bad. Otherwise I would have probably stopped at 10. It's not "necessary" to run 13 in training, but if you are finding that 10 or 11 is pretty easy at long run pace, you might lengthen out to 12 just for the psychological benefit. But be careful - the longer distances *can* result in increased chance of injury.

  6. You were right to let the race director know about the mistake. I always want my time posted in my age group. I do, however, compare my time to the other age groups to see how I placed. It gives me a giggle when I do well in much younger age groups!

  7. Hey Patrick,

    You're so right about having a cheat day. The last few weeks I've been trialing not being restrictive (so I don't have blow-outs, which I haven't had until the other day)- eating what I like (within reason) - you know, like full fat yoghurt, salads with avocados and a delicious olive oil dressing - and it's been going really well! I get full quickly, it's great! So my mind doesn't feel like it's missing out.

    I think a "cheat" day is an awesome idea- although I think I should have one a month (and I had it the other day!). Did you know Dean Karnazes eats pizza and all types of rubbish while he's doing overnighters? THAT's what we need to get onto - ultramarathons to justify pizzas :)

    Hope you've had a great few days... the weather should be getting nicer for runs in Buffalo, I'd imagine? Buffalo sounds like such an interesting place - I'm a big fan of Ani DiFranco so have always wanted to go there!

    Thanks so much for your advice -it's always great to hear from you!!