Monday, April 20, 2009

Pampering the feet and ankles

OK- As I have mentioned in past entries-- I am running A LOT more than I ever have before--so, naturally, I am noticing pains I haven't had before. This part of my body?

HURTS!-- I discovered my pair of these,

are not the best for doing this:

So I went here:

A FleetFeet salesperson performed a test and determined my ankles rolled inward when running, and my current shoes did not provide enough cushion. After several fittings-- I choose these:

The Mizuno Wave Inspire!!! Today-- was the first day with my new shoes--In Buffalo, the weather was doing this:

so I went to the gym-- and used this:

and the verdict?

The Mizuno Wave Inspire was just what the doctor, or "Fitlosopher" as they're called at FleetFeet, ordered! I know, I have only run once-- and it was on a treadmill but I am already noticing a difference. I am hoping to take these pups for a drive on pavement tommorow.

Does anyone else have these? I tried a similar Asics and Nike brand but they felt too bulky-- Does your ankle roll inward? outward? neutral? Whats the best shoe for each? Tanya is trying the Asics and was going to update us on her success-- Would love to hear from you-- Remember, I am running in a half Marathon at the end of May. I run on average of 25 miles a week-- will these last until then?

SOOOO many questions!


  1. I can get any where between 250 - 300 miles out of my shoes. If you alternate between pairs you will get a bit more miles out of your shoes. Always SMART to get the proper fit from people who know what they are doing!! Also, never leave your shoes in your car. The heat will damage the pockets in the sole.

    As for gu's - I NEVER could stomach them until i tried the Honey Singer Gu and now am turned on to the Card BOM brand as well. During the 54 mile Ulrta I ran last November I used one gu every 30 minutes. Just have to find what works best for you.

    Best of luck!!

  2. I am a pronator *and* my ankles collapse *and* I'm a "clydesdale" (3 strikes - yer out!). Like you I went to a running store and they put me in some Stability Plus shoes (Asics Gel Kayanos). I have since moved on to Asics GT 2140's. The Kayanos used to give me around 250 miles of wear per pair. The GT 2140s are giving me closer to 400 miles (much better). That means I get about 10 to 12 weeks on a pair of GT 2140s compared to 7 to 8 weeks on the Kayanos.

    The key for you is to look for some stability shoes. They should offer you the support you need for your collapsing ankles. The next question for you - how do you know when to replace your shoes?

  3. Mizunos are a great brand-they'll probably work really well for you. Amazing what a difference the right shoes make! I'm loving my Asics. I've been getting about 300 miles out of them and I rotate between 2 pairs. Trust me-you'll know when it's time to replace the shoes. Your legs will tell you-they'll just feel dead. my legs start hurting from my toes all the way up to my hips and I know it's time.

  4. I went through one pair of Mizuno Wave Inspires. They worked well for me. My only complaint was that I only got about 350 miles from them. I tend to get closer to 500 miles from my Adidas Supernova Sequence. So, I switched back to the Adidas.

  5. Fun blog! I love the little pictures to illustrate your points. I'm like a kid that way, I guess. :D

    I'm an over-pronator too. I have a pair of Asics Kayanos 15. I'm pretty happy with them. I tried on a pair of Mizunos Wave at a race expo and I loved how light they are! I'll be looking at those when I'm in the market for new shoes.

    I hope you are able to try out your new shoes on the road tomorrow!

  6. I'm afraid I'm only a new runner, so can't contribute much to the pronating debate!

    I just wanted to let you know your blog made me laugh today and certainly added a certain something to treadmill training. Glad to hear you're loving the new shoes!