Saturday, April 25, 2009

Reporting, From The Great Heron Run 5k!

23:48. That was my time for Saturday's 5K. Now-- If you compare that to my last 5K time (23:18)it sounds like I'm slacking a bit-- but this race was chock full of those dreaded-- HILLS.

It took place in my hometown, Geneva,N.Y.-- where I was born and raised. Geneva (about 2 hrs from Buffalo) is a suburb of Rochester and is the heart of the beautiful Finger Lakes area of New York State--

Known for it's wineries and-- gorgeous rolling hills:

And it was those hills that nearly KILLED me-- My calves still hurt. The route-- had a total of four hills, three of which were very steep. I was sooo tempted to walk up the last incline but thankfully decided against it. There was also added pressure here to finish at a decent time. A camera, from my TV station, was there filming. For those of you who don't know, I am a News Anchor for the ABC affiliate in Buffalo. The station is working on a story about the Buffalo Marathon (May 24Th) and the training-- My three colleagues and I-- are going through to get ready, we are only running the half. They chose this 5k to do my showcase story which will air sometime this month...I'm just happy I didn't embarrass myself too badly!

Question: What is your advice to get over those hills easier?? and why do my calves hurt so much? Is that from going up, or running down the hills too hard which I admit to doing in this race? Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Here are some more pictures of myself, and Friends who ran with me... By the way, the weather was wonderful! 80's, sunny-- almost too hot, which isn't bad for the end of April in Upstate NY.

Me and My Friend Jenny and her kids

All done!


  1. Great job on your 5K! You did really well, especially with three hills to have to take on.

    I don't know what makes hills any easier other than to just DO them. I used to hate hills but as I got more into my training, I found myself enjoying the hills... going up, not down. I do know you have to be careful going down. Running too quickly or with the wrong stride can really injure your knees.

    Will you be able to put your station's clip that they air on your blog? I'd love to see it!

    Geneva looks like a beautiful place! But then, most places with wineries are gorgeous, in my opinion. Must be the wino in me. :)

    Thanks for the extra nice comments on my blog! I honestly think that blogging has kept me in the runner's state of mind, even through my current set-back. Reading yours... helps keep me motivated!

    Have a great weekend!

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  3. Hey Patrick - that's an amazing time, well done! It looks like a beautiful run.

    I know I'm just a beginner, but after my run the other day, I should have been outrageously sore the next day and I wasn't.

    After my run, one of the runners club dudes got me to do 100m of backwards springs - almost like skipping, but backwards. He said that it does the opposite to running and therefore balances and relaxes all the muscles we go hard core on while going up hills and pushing hard.

    And do you know what? I didn't have a single bit of knee, calf or shin trouble, like I usually would have after a long (for me) run on a very hard surface.

    Maybe give it a go? I feel like it's the magic answer that has just enabled me to start running each and every day. My body felt amazing the day after the run, as opposed to beaten down.

    ps thanks for your lovely messages on my blog! I'll need to get advice from you later on on how to run for the camera! I bumped into our news reader the other night at a club and she told me I had to start thinking about my racing outfit for the half as the cameras would be there... ha ha ha :)

  4. My advice for the hills is to hold your cadence and shorten your stride. You may want to take that with a grain of salt coming from a guy who runs primarily in Florida, though.

  5. Great time on the race. And, dude-that's some working hazard-having to be filmed during a race. I avoid those cameras like the plague at races. I've even told family members they aren't allowed to go to my races to cheer me on; I don't want them to be there if I crash and burn!

  6. Fantastic job! Hills are rough, we have wine country in the southern part of IL as well, and it's hilly.

    Brian's advice is good- keep your turnover rate the same and lengthen or shorten your stride depending on whether you are going down or up. I don't have problems with downhills, but many people complain of quad soreness from the downhills, calf soreness from the up.

  7. What Brian says above. Shorten your stride and turn your feet faster.

    In preparation for hills, you might consider running hill repeats (pick one about 1/4 mile long, run up, WALK down). Do four to six of those one day a week. Or alternate with 400 meter intervals (i.e., intervals one week, hills the next).

    Also, since you are running a hlaf marathon, you might conisider swapping out 800 yard intervals (run at your 5K pace + 10 seconds) for 400 yard intervals. These 800s will do more to build your fitness for the half.

    By the way - if you are running 23 minute 5Ks at this point, 2:00 for your half is within reach. 2:10 should be a slam dunk! What I recall of Buffalo is it's pretty flat (was in downtown back in February for business and have been through on my way to St. Catherines ON). BTW - I proudly wear a Derek Roy Sabre jersey! I'll take a pic and post it soon!

  8. Regarding your question about how hot it gets in Vegas in the summer... I'm guessing hotter than heck! Fortunately, I'll be doing the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll, which should be about in the 70s. :D

    I think the Vegas Rock in Roll is in the fall. Which is good. :)