Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sleepy Legs plus Low Fat Chicken Alfredo....mmmmm

It's Wednesday, I am at my desk working a night shift but still thinking about two things: my run today and last night's dinner!

We'll start with the run. It was not as glorius as those in the past-- in fact one of the worst runs I've had in my short running career. Today the weather was great (sunny and 60's) I knew if I didn't go I would regret it. I took the Urban-park route (see last post for details). My legs felt very tired in the beginning, which typically happens on most runs but this time they just never kicked into gear. My mind was there-- the legs were not following. I ran 5.3 miles in 50 minutes-- which isn't that great and waaay off my goal. I realized the problem and deep down knew it the whole time. I did not take a break this week. I ran 6 miles Sunday, and 4 miles on both Monday and Tuesday-- perhaps its time for a breather--- maybe tommorow.

OK- Dinner. I have been craving chicken alfredo. The real recipe is at least 1200 calories which is not at all part of my new diet-- so I improvised and it turned out really great-- better than I expected in fact.... Recipe?? Here you go-- and I don't mess around with measuring everything out-- so improvise.

1 Cup of lowfat cottage Cheese
2 Tblspoons of Parmesean cheese
1/3 packet of lipton's Onion Soup mix
1 1/2 cups of Skim milk
a dash or two of sea salt
1tblsp of Basil

Simmer it all while pasta cooks

1breast of 98% fat free skinless TYSON Chicken Breast-- cut up and grilled.


Whole Wheat linguine (I used whole wheat penne)

Chop up some Cherry tomatoes toss it together and you've got a very good ( in my opinion) Very low fat Chicken Alfredo

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