Thursday, April 30, 2009

Running from The Swine Flu & Closing The Deal!

Sorry I have not checked in for a few days-- work has been a little crazy. The news biz is "abuzz" with the Swine Flu coverage, are you scared yet?????

I know some say we are over-doing it and maybe we are-- but at least we're getting the word out-- plus everyone is freaked out so hopefully we're getting good information out there for the masses to digest and stay healthy. The big message: wash your hands :)

I also SOLD my condo in Florida-- the condo I have been trying to sell for nearly 2 years!!!!! I signed all the paperwork yesterday and its a done deal! The market is a disaster in my former location (Ft. Myers). I won't tell you how much I lost on the deal (can we say I'm shirtless:) but it's better than paying a mortgage and association fees every month!

Alright-- now for the REAL reason I write this blog. Despite the hectic schedule-- I've been able to hit the pavement and I actually stepped up the running quite a bit.

Sunday: 4 Miles
Monday: 4 Miles
Tuesday: off, weight training
Wednesday: 7.5 Miles
Thursday: 7.5 Miles
Friday: planned easy 3Miles
Saturday: Louis Billitier 5k, Downtown Buffalo
Sunday: 5 Miles

If you notice-- I ran 7.5 miles Weds. and today-- two long distances in two days and I feel great! The soreness I was experiencing after the hilly 5K over the weekend has gone away thanks to Melanie and her advice to "skip" backwards after each run. I finally figured it out and although I get a few looks from people at the park it has helped tremendously!


  1. I was wondering where you were! Glad it's nothing serious... just swine flu. :P I'm glad the media is getting the message out to wash hands. Even my kids are doing it without arguing.

    Congratulations on selling your condo!! That's a major feat these days. Too bad you lost money but I'm sure it's a relief.

    Excellent job on your running! And another 5K on Saturday?! You rock! Especially since you can do all that and still skip backwards! I'd like to see that. ;D

  2. And that Pig Comic at the top is sooo funny!!

  3. Woo hoo! The backwards springs worked! Aren't they the bomb? I haven't had a bit of discomfort anywhere in my legs since discovering them.

    I hear ya re pig flu. I'm having to bite my tongue (or should I say fingers) on facebook when I see some people's status saying it's a "drug-company/media" conspiracy. Arghhhhhhhhhh. We report on what we hear and find out. No conspiracy. I've been doing stories all week on what's happening - how many people are dying vs those infected etc. I'm sure you have too. A lot of coverage, but definitely no beat up.

    Congrats on selling the flat! Bummer about $$$.

    And congrats on such excellent mileage this week Patrick, it's awesome.

  4. Great mileage for the week!!