Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beginning the big run

I am 33 and recently made two big life altering decisions-- to get physically fit and quit smoking. I am currently holding true to both! I have tried to accomplish these two things many times before but without much success, for some reason now I am more motivated than ever! I can thank a simple exercise for that!

I was told that once I quit smoking I would eat--- a lot! Friends who had quit years before said they replaced the cigarette with a chicken wing or a slice of pizza-- I decided to do something else to fill the void--- run! I actually started running a few weeks before quitting. The running forced me to realize how much the smoking was hurting my health. Running had become increasingly difficult-- within two days of quitting I felt amazing, running faster, and with a lot more ease. I believe this was strictly mental. Its hard to believe two days without a smoke would yield such immediate physical results-- but whatever works!

I began to run everyday. The commencement process was anything but easy. I would start off walking for 2 minutes, running for 2 minutes on and off. My first week I ran two miles per day, week 2, 3 miles-- I am now in week 4 and now an ex-smoker. I am running 4 miles per day. I have lost 12 pounds and feeling great-- almost euphoric. I truly believe running is equal to a drug, it is very addicting-- thankfully, in my opinion, more so than nicotine!

I am now training for a half marathon. It will be held May 24th in Buffalo, NY-- I've learned having a goal ahead helps keep me motivated!

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