Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Troubles!

OK- this "must take a break from running" theory is really killing me. I am living up to my promise to take one day off from running per week. I chose today.

I slept in, enjoyed my morning cup of joe, read the paper (online), and took my dog on a short walk-- no running! I have read several articles which state a runner must take a day off to "recharge" thye body and allow it time to "relax"-- while it maybe true, these experts said nothing about what it does to your mood.

I have been in a funk all day. It's not due to a lack of sleep-- I slept great last night. My diet is also unchanged-- still eating healthier than ever. I had nothing to set me off-- no clashes with co-workers or family. My own un-scientific research points to not running as being the sole source of my bitterness today. I don't want to overexaggerate this-- I am not outraged, or nasty with anyone-- just not 100 percent today.

Am I alone?? Would love to know if anyone else goes through this on their day off?


  1. Hey ptanes! Thanks for coming over :)

    I'm definitely grumpy when I don't get my running in. I can take one/two days off without going psycho, but more than that & I become a hazard.

  2. Isn't it terrible??? Thanks for the comment! Tommorow I'm running so life should be better!

  3. Every week, my friend. Every week I go through that jittery day of not running. Then I usually have one sluggish running day after that, which makes you think it wasn't worthwhile. But after a few weeks you will get faster with one or even two days of recovery per week (gasp!).

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You're off to a great start! You had asked about how to get noticed. First, go visit others and leave comments! Second, look for running blog directories like the runnning blog network and get listed. Lastly, just right great content with lots of photos and you'll see your traffic go up. I went for months without any traffic, then one week it jumped to the tens of thousands for what seemed like no reason. You just never know.

    Good luck with the training!


  4. Yes, the day off helps...especially when your mileage begins to rise....and to answer your question on my blog, I felt great immediately afterward, but sore as the day went on. Then, I went for a 3 miler with my daughter in the afternoon and the kinks started to work out again. Then, I drank a lot of bourbon and felt great again. Not so much in the morning.

  5. See, you're meeting runners and getting comments already.

    That's what makes it a social network-spending time visiting blogs and then others check you out--it's really just basic conversation skills and habits.

    Always a good practice to take off that day--we emerge better runners when we rest and recover.

  6. ha ha ha a day off makes you remember that you like it! i took today off and can't wait for a run and weights in the morning :)

  7. Ugh!! I know what you mean... I went from hating to run, to needing (and loving) to run. Right now, I'm on a break from running due to an injury. I've been frustrated, depressed, cranky, lazy, and can't wait to get back out there! When I do get back to it, I will be smarter, stronger, better than I was before (um, wait... that's the Bionic Woman). I'll guess I'll just be smarter and not injure myself. :)